Klass A is recommended for persons who want to use support hosiery as prevention. Solidea 70DEN
Graduated Compression
Graduated compression means that the sock/stocking gives maximum compression at the ankle. This is where the sock/stocking gives most support for the blood circulation. The compression  decreases gradually by the calf and even more so by the thigh. Socks or stockings without graduated compression tend to apply more compression by the calf than by the the ankle. This defeats the purpose and decreases the blood circulation.
  • KLASS A - prevention (10-14 mmHg) 
    Predisposed subjects, swollen legs, telangiectasia, mild edema.

  • KLASS I - light (L 15-17 mmHg) 
    Varicose veins, acrocianosi, post telangiectasia sclerotherapy.

  • KLASS I - strong (H 18-21 mmHg) 
    Truncal varicose veins, varicose veins with important edemas, varicose vein surgical removal, post sclerotherapy, foot and knee arthrosis.

  • KLASS II - (23-32 mmHg) 
    Post thrombosis syndrome, during treatment of venous ulcers, post-trauma syndrome, angiodisplasia, deep venous thrombosis, deep venous insufficiency, reversible lymphedema, lipedema.

  • KLASS III - (34-46 mmHg) 
    Severe edema, chronic hypodermititis, irreversible lymphedema.

  • KLASS IV - (> 49 mmHg) 
    For all the above-indicated pathologies in their most severe forms.
Stocking compression, better defined as elastic compression, is the force that the tights exert on the leg, helping blood circulation and enhancing the “pump effect”. Compression is generally measured at specific points on the leg and is expressed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Of course, the highest compression value is at the ankle, defined, in medical terminology, as point b. Then compression decreases as we move upwards. This is defined as graduated compression. SOLIDEA, as its specific policy and with full respect for consumers, prints the compression value in mmHg, previously measured by qualified International Institutes, on all its packages of stockings and supports.

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